COVID-19: All you need to know 

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact health and travel across the globe, it's important to stay up to date and make informed decisions.

International arrivals into Australia

All non-residents and non-Australian citizens are banned from entering Australia.

All travellers arriving into Australia will be required to undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities (for example, a hotel), in their port of arrival. For more information, the Department of Home Affairs lists travel restrictions.

International arrivals into New Zealand

All New Zealand borders are closed to all non-residents and non-New Zealand citizens.

From 11.59pm Monday 27 April 2020, New Zealand will be on COVID-19 Alert Level 3 - Restrict.

Smartraveller advice 

From midday Wednesday 25 March 2020, there is a ban on Australians travelling overseas. This ban is managed by the Australian Border Force.

Visit Smartraveller for further details.

Important considerations

A range of airlines has issued travel updates, increasing flexibility around change fees and reissuing fees for the period of time nominated.

Each airline has individual waiver and cancellation conditions in place which need to be processed manually. The relevant QBT offline fee will apply.

Here's what some of the airlines are doing to protect travellers:

For more information, visit your airline's website or contact QBT on your dedicated 1300 number.

For QBT assistance

If you need to discuss alternate arrangements to an existing trip, or you would like to speak further about planning a trip via an alternate flight route, please contact QBT on your dedicated 1300 number.

QBT continues to:

  • provide general information and updates to organisations on COVID-19
  • facilitate new travel bookings and process cancellations and changes at the direction of organisations or as a consequence of route or schedule changes by airlines.

QBT is not, though, an authority on whether or not officials can or should travel. As noted above, organisations are responsible for determining whether to limit or suspend travel for their employees.

QBT will use its best endeavours to keep organisations informed about flights affected by COVID-19. However, QBT does not always receive notification from airlines or relevant authorities about impacted flights. It is recommended that organisations access up to date information from official sources and not rely on QBT as the authority or only source of truth to support your organisation's decisions regarding travel and duty of care obligations; particularly considering the rapidly evolving nature of the situation.

Health authorities information

The Department of Health's Coronavirus Health Information Line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, call 1800 020 080.

In addition, each State and Territory's health authority provides relevant information on COVID-19. For details, visit:

Each State and Territory's health authority provides relevant information, including:

  • the number of current known cases
  • the number of tests and results
  • in some cases, a patient-by-patient analysis of the circumstances of their infection
  • in some cases, a list of “public exposure” sites
  • links and details of local health clinics and hospitals.
  • the list of flights identified with COVID-19 cases. Click on the button below for the lists collated by QBT each week day

    COVID-19 Flights

Staying healthy

Here’s how to stay safe when travelling:

  • Regularly wash your hands
  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Cover your sneeze or cough with your arm, not your hands.

If you’re healthy, wearing a mask is not recommended according to the World Health Organization. If you have respiratory issues, such as coughing or sneezing, you should wear a mask.

This situation is rapidly changing and we will update information on this page as the situation evolves.